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GUFaculty360: Broadening the Reach of your Scholarship

UIS recently announced the launch of GUFaculty360, an innovative new portal for Georgetown faculty to connect with students, administrators, other members of the Georgetown faculty, and scholars and researchers around the world. In addition to streamlining communications and access to other Georgetown systems, GUFaculty360 provides you with an opportunity to showcase your publications both within and beyond Georgetown. One of the most effective ways you can promote your scholarship is to allow visitors to GUFaculty360 page to read your articles by linking to the full text from your GUFaculty360 Publications page.

There are several options to consider if you want to create links to your journal articles.

Publish in Open Access Journals
If your article was published in an open access journal, it will be available for anyone with Internet access to read. You can link directly to the publisher's website, submit your article to DigitalGeorgetown, our institutional repository, or upload the article to another site and link to that. For more information about open access publishing:

Self-Archive in DigitalGeorgetown, our Institutional Repository
The Georgetown University Library maintains an open access institutional repository where you can upload your articles to be openly accessible. Although a few publishers allow authors to self-archive the final version of their articles in an institutional repository or on a personal webpage, most will allow only the accepted manuscript (the version after peer review and before copy editing) to be made openly accessible. To be sure that your articles can be posted in the institutional repository, you can negotiate your publication agreement to include the SPARC addendum or a paragraph granting permission to upload your work to our institutional repository or your personal website. For more information:

Link to a Subject Repository
If a preprint or other version of your article is available in a subject repository, such as SSRN, Pub Med Central, or ArXiv, you can provide a link to the repository.

Permalinks to Subscription Journals - For articles that are only available online in our subscription databases, you can provide a link to Georgetown University's proxy server in order for members of the Georgetown community to be able to access your article from off-campus (NetID required). In most cases, if you link to your article on a publisher's website or in a subscription database without using the proxy server, Georgetown readers trying to access your articles from off-campus will be required to pay for access.


An ORCID iD is a unique identifier that is attached to your research so that all of your work is connected to you, regardless of how your name appears and whether other researchers have the same or similar names. In future phases of GUFaculty360, there will be integrations with external databases. When those integrations are in place, having an ORCID iD attached to your articles will facilitate updating your GUFaculty360 publications page by accurately identifying your work in scholarly databases. For more information on ORCID iDs: