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Maker Hub

Spring 2018

Air Quality Monitor
Students built air quality monitors in the Maker Hub to monitor PM2.5 using solar PV for power.
Ear Wearables
A pulse oximeter is a device that measures both your heart rate & oxygen saturation.
Startup Hotel
The startup hotel makes local goods more accessible through automated vending pods.
Mapping Environmental Racism in Detroit
This project demonstrates environmental racism in Detroit.
Embroidered alphabet
An in-depth study of the Helvetica typeface using different embroidery styles.
CraneCam Team at the Maker Hub
A vision system so that the operator of large construction equipment can see what they're doing if their view is obstructed from the operations cabin.
3D printed abdominal aorta
3d models of actual abdominal aortas created for an anatomy class.

Fall 2017

A 3D visualization of Europe.
Kenyan cookbook
Your Handy Kenyan Cookbook
3d-printed poker chips
Customized poker chips.
90's-Inspired Earrings
Quierra makes earrings with the Maker Hub's laser cutter.
Stacked Amoebas
An experimental piece of art testing the limits and pushing the boundaries of what defines a “pillow.”

Summer 2017

The Helping Hands project is a journal series designed to lend a helping hand to vulnerable populations.

Spring 2017

Marc Connell
This Georgetown student was inspired to develop an idea for a new medical device.
A special photograph that was laser-cut into wood at the Maker Hub.
A special photograph that was laser-cut into wood at the Maker Hub.
Multicolored portrait created with a 3D printer pen.
Multicolored portraits of different music artists created with a 3D printer pen.

Fall 2016

3D printed skull
We used the 3D reconstruction of a CT scan to print a model skull for a patient with craniofacial dysplasia.

Spring 2016

3D printed Aztec architecture
A brief study of Native Mesoamerican architecture based on existing archeological data and historical documents.
3D printed steno machine
With the help of open source software and Gelardin's Maker Space, Max Kim designed and prototyped a steno machine.