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ETDs: Understand Your Options Before Clicking Submit

This video series, brought to you by the Georgetown University Library, is designed to clarify the process for submission of your electronic thesis, dissertation or doctoral project (ETD) and explain the options you have for publishing your work in ProQuest and DigitalGeorgetown. It is critical to make informed choices before you submit your work because once your work is submitted to ProQuest and approved by the Graduate School, changes are difficult or impossible. 

  1. Introduction  (3:22)
  2. Where Will Your Thesis or Dissertation Go? (4:32)
  3. Traditional and Open Access Publishing  (2:32)
  4. Embargoes  (3:57)
  5. Copyright - Using the Works of Others (4:54) 
  6. Copyright Registration (6:41)
  7. ProQuest Submission Process (10:20) 
  8. Where to Get Help (3:18)

The process of getting your work approved and uploaded into ProQuest and DigitalGeorgetown involves several departments at the University and must be done correctly for your degree to be awarded in a timely manner. In addition to these videos, the Graduate School, the Library (ETDs and DigitalGeorgetown), and ProQuest all have detailed information about the process and what choices you will need to make. 

If you have questions or comments about the video series, please email


  • Submitting your thesis or dissertation to the Graduate School - contact the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs in the Graduate Student Services office

  • DigitalGeorgetown - contact

  • Making choices about copyright, embargoes, and open access publishing - contact Meg Oakley, Director, Copyright & Scholarly Communication